~LSST Test and Commissioning Cryostat~

Cryostat/camera for operating 9-CCD modules of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope's 189-CCD focal plane array. A bunch of these are being produced, one of which will be installed on the telescope as the Commissionoing Camera before the full-size camera is installed. Uses closed loop cryogenic regrigeration systems servicing two thermal zones, one for cooling the CCD array and one for the readout electronics. CCD baseplate attaches to low thermal expansion kinematic support structure.

Star Trek! These cryostats were named afte the Dax symbionts in reverse chronological order (Deep Space 9). Ezri was commissioned in 2014, Jadzia and Curzon in 2016-2017, and everyone else back to Emony now exist.


One of several copies of this cryostat. This one is Emony.

Ezri Rear Access
Prototype readout electronics (rear view).

LSST Test and Commissiniong Cryostat / Camera
9 CCD array seen through front window. Aperture accepts a telecentric f/1.2 beam.

RSA support with XEDs
CCD-side of internal mechanical assembly with X-ray Exposure Devices.

thermal design, color coded
Cooling zones.

Early build of internal mechanical assembly, design is now quite different.

temperature analysis
heat flux analysis
temperature analysis
heat flux analysis
Thermal analysis. Left: temperature, Right: heat flux.

Early image .