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~Side Projects~

LSST Test and Comissioning Cryostat
Cryostat/camera for operating 9-CCD modules of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope's 189-CCD focal plane array. Several copies of this chamber are being produced,one of which will be installed on the telescope as the Commissionoing Camera. Uses closed loop cryogenic regrigeration systems servicing two thermal zones, one for cooling the CCD array and one for the readout electronics. CCD baseplate attaches to low thermal expansion kinematic support structure. more

Radio Astronomy at Custer Observatory
Radio astronomy is being revived at Custer obervatory in Southold NY. The mission is twofold:
  • General access for people wanting to learn radio astronomy and for personal projects.
  • Organized research in scientific niches. Low-budget open-source efforts have the freedom to explore many interesting scientific prospects that don't get funded in the professional space.
Github project wiki:

Website (coming soon):

LSST-Accurate Star Simulator Optic (LASSO)  
An f/1.2 lens that emulates the LSST for the case of a single star. The optical design is catadiaptric: A Schwarzschild Objective modified with a meniscus lens at the output, which compensates the spherical aberration introduced by a flat window as on a vacuum chamber. In appears it's similar to a Maksutov Cassegrain but is really quite different (the small mirror silvered onto the meniscus lens is the primary mirror). paper, more

Drive system for Celestron CG4 telescope mount
Originally used a PICAXE-based controller with the factory motor kit (more) to steer a heliostat for a spectroheliograph at the solar (not sidereal) rate.

Subsequently built a faster drive system with NEMA stepper motors and an Aruino-based controller for an tracking antenna base station for long range drone and balloon flights. Most recently used as a mount for a small radio telescope. more

In-vacuum Actuated Radioisotope Carrier (X-ray Exposure Device)
A direct drive motor that carries an Iron-55 sample on the armature. Instead of conventional windings a PCB serves as both the stator and the mechanical baseplate making it intrinsically vacuum compatible. The PCB layout software I had access to at the time wasn't well suited to making curved traces on polar coordinates, so a mechanical CAD program (Autdesk Inventor) was used to design the stator PCB, which was as labor intensive as it sounds. more

Corrected Gregorian
Corrected Gregorian Telescope
A Gregorian with a sub-aperture corrector for diffraction limited imaging across a .5 degree field of view and 25mm fully illuminated field. Original optical design. This has become a long term back burner project. The OTA mechanical assembly is built but I still need to have the optics made. more

Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator
Optical system that simulates the perturbing effects of the atmosphere to create an image of a star with a realistic time-varying PSF. A common apparatus for adaptive optics developers, we use this to simulate putting a sensor "on the sky". Rotating phase screens with a surface structure consistent with the Kolmogorov turbulence frequency spectrum are our atmosphere. A Thorlabs wavefront sensor measures the real-time wavefront shape. The LASSO optic (above) provides the final imaging stage. more

Printed Expandable Development Drone
Homebrew multicopter drones seem to become ratsnests of tape, velcro, and cable ties as components are added and removed. This is a 3D printed airframe with an accessory cage / tower structure built onto the hub. The tower, comprised of four 3mm diameter carbon fiber tubes, carry 3D printed stages to which various electronics can be attached. The modular and extensible nature of the accessory tower allow complete freedom of reconfirgurability for tinkering and development. The original PED drone was lost somewhere in Southold, NY in 2013. A new and improved version is nearly complete which I'll put it on the Thingiverse some day. original blog post

Cryostat for Characterizing LSST CCDs
CCD testing cryostat in the LSST production cleanroom. Stainless steel chamber with closed loop cooling, x-ray exposure capability, and a window cover on an articulated hinge. Docks to an optical testing station. more

Single-dish Imaging Radio Telescope
Software and hardware development to do radio imaging with a single dish. This is a work in progress that will become the basis for a larger (hopefully open source) effort at the Custer Institute's radio observatory (above). This incarnation uses a HackRFOne oftware defined radio, a 3D printed patch antenna feed, a ~1m spun aluminum dish (courtesy Tom Feireabend), and modified Celestron CG4 telescope mount (above): more

Universal Lab Camera (MOTS)
An imaging system with interchangeable lensboard, front and back focus, and an optical target holder with lateral positioning. For imaging anything onto anything, ~90% 3D printed. more

image Turn your unwanted 35mm SLR into an accent/spot light for $10
Cut open a Jansjo LED light from IKEA and glue it to the film pressure plate on your old SLR instead of throwing it in the garbage. more

Note: I find the death of film tragic, both for still photography and at the theater.

Message in a bottle: If anyone has a retired 35mm movie projector (w/ platter system or not) they want taken off their hands please contact me.

optical baffles
Optical tunnels for flat-field illumination
When supressing stray light there is such a thing as too many baffles. Baffle edges “glint” however thin they may be and without rigorous analysis one wonders if baffles are doing more harm than good.

In the case of an optical tunnel optimized for flat field illumination there should be as few exposed baffles as possible and I make the case that a single well placed primary baffle is optimally effective. more

image  Makergear M2 Drop-in Build Plate
Upgrade for the Makergear M2 (3D printer) to eliminate the binder clip method of securing the build plate.

Part files and assemby instructions are available on
here and on this website here.

focal reducer concept
Focal reducer
A focal reducer concept design proposal for a 3.5m telescope. more

Makergear M2 Cable Chain Upgrade Makergear M2 Cable Chain Upgrade
Parts to integrate off-the-shelf cable chains on each axis of the Makergear M2 (3D printer), replacing the stock cable management.

Part files and assemby instructions are available on here and on this website here.

Single-CCD cryostat for LSST sensor development
A small workhorse cryostat for running individual LSST prototype CCDs. more

25" Obsession modified secondary mirror Modification to 25" Dobsonian Telescope at Custer Observatory
A replacement secondary mirror that places the eyepiece in Custer Observatory's dome telescope closer to the floor. This concept came from Jeff Katz, the mechanical design and machining were mine. The telescope is on long term loan from Suffolk County Commuity College. more

piezo-actuated CCD
Coaxial piezo-actuated tip-tilt mounts for CCDs
A concept for actuating individual CCDs in tip/tilt/piston for integration into an active optics control loop. A dummy CCD is shown. more

Depth of Field Converter for Small-CCD Digital Cinema  
Back before 35mm and APS format CCDs were common one needed one of these to shoot shallow depth of field footage on the 1/3in CCDs common in digital video cameras.
Metrological Test Stand for CCD Flatness Characterization
Differntial measurement system for in-cryostat 9-CCD flatness measurement. Uses two Keyence absolute-distance laser triangulation sensors to compare the surface height of the surface under test (CCD array imaging surface) to an optical reference flat. Concept: Peter Takacs. more

Z Banding Fixer for 3D printers
A python script that post processes gcode to imprint a periodic structure onto the motion of the Z axis of a 3D printer to compensate for mechanically-intrinsic incosistent (periodic) Z motion. GitHub, photos


Eastern Long Island Old Time Jam at Hallockville Farm
Come play Old Time music at Hallockville Farm, the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at 7pm.

Automation and the Non-Workforce: The Future of Labor in the Robotics Age read

I've since come to the conclusion that the average human will sink into pervasive dissatisfaction if told they don't need to work, regardless of how ideal their living circumstances.

For a complete treatment, read the original six Dune books.

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