~Coaxial Piezo Motor Tip/Tilt/Piston Actuated CCD~

A concept for actuating individual CCDs in tip/tilt/piston for integration into an active optics control loop. Squiggle motor piezo-actuators were integrated coaxially into a machined spring assembly that could replace the CCD's native mounting studs. These were tested in a closed-loop control mode with an external optical measuring device to maintain a CCD heigh while changing the height fo the mounting fixture. It was tought that science images along with the wavefront monitoring system in a large telescope could be used as an input for CCD array control system. It was an early idea we were exploring for LSST but it never had traction. Concept from Paul O'Connor.

piezo actuated CCD
CCD has 3 mounting holes in an L configuration (4th hole not threaded). Two Squgglejack actuators shown here with the other machined spring assembly empty.

actuated ccd
Another view.