~Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator~

Optical system that simulates the perturbing effects of the atmosphere to create an image of a star with a realistic time-varying PSF. A common apparatus for adaptive optics developers, we use this to simulate putting a sensor "on the sky". Rotating phase screens with a surface structure consistent with the Kolmogorov turbulence frequency spectrum are our atmosphere. A Thorlabs wavefront sensor measures the real-time wavefront shape. The LASSO optic (above) provides the final imaging stage.

LSST Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator
Apparatus inside darkbox.

early version

star 1
star 2
star 3
star 4
Star 5
wavefront 1
wavefront 2
wavefront 3
wavefront 4
wavefront 5
Output: Artificial atmosphere-aberrated stars on top and their associated wavefronts below.

Phase screen.s
Measurements of phase screens from vendor (UC Santa Cruz).